ProPilots China Cooperation- the best solution in flight training

ProPilots China Cooperation- the best solution in flight training

75% of Helicopter accidents worldwide can be traced back to errors in the cockpit. And why?

Because only a small number of emergency situations can be realistically and safely practiced or only partially explained. It is not enough to know the right steps in theory- safe operation in an emergency must be as routine and intuitive as in normal situations. The solution is simple: ProPilots China Cooperation!

To help reduce the figure of 75% accident caused by errors in the cockpit, Alexander Steffen, CEO of ProPilots, Markus Lankes and Arthur Chan from LaBrOs Engineering GmbH have created ProPilots China Cooperation.

ProPilots China Cooperation sets the standard for web-based Safety Management Systems combined with cutting-edge simulators to make flying even safer.

ProPilots-E-Learning in 3-D along with simulators-represents the most advanced and innovative safety program in aviation and is perfectly suited to meet the needs of flight schools, airlines, military and other aviation operations. ProPilots China Cooperation offers recurrent training and certification as required for flight crews by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

With the help of expressive 3-D animation, pilots are trained in sudden emergency situations with clear explanations of the causes, effects, and complex relationships of managing extreme circumstances. The simulators help to efficiently internalize the training content so that the pilot can later manage intuitively. The E-learning platform is accessible worldwide 24/7, and offers the opportunity to take a safety test with weak point analysis and provides knowledge from experts worldwide. The non-technical skills development through visualization training can be combined with training flights in a simulator possible day and night.

The ProPilots China Cooperation had the opportunity to present its product at the China Civil Helicopter Operation and Development Forum in Beijing China. Alexander Steffen also presented the concept of “E-learning meets simulator”. The auditorium was impressed by the idea and gave positive feedback by showing interest in trying to incorporate the new schooling technique into their training program. Mrs. XIA, General Aviation Chief Editor of China Air Transport Association also showed great interest in the work of ProPilots China Cooperation.

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