ProPilots – A glance into the future

ProPilots – A glance into the future

The virtual reality will change the nature of how pilot training is experienced in the future. Will we acquire the same knowledge and experience as a flight instructor with more than 10.000 hours of flight experience?

ProPilots VR-Brille

The company ProPilots developed animated instructional film in the area of emergency procedures and flight safety based on innovative 3D techniques. Away from inefficient and time-consuming documents and scripts, towards visualized training software, that provides a reliable and demonstrable assistance in the cockpit.

Now we want to dip into a new dimension. The foundation in the area of aircrafts and helicopters are already developed. The virtual world is already is in the making and almost ready for implementation.

The result: breathtaking

The future: dipping in a new dimension with your own eyes and experiencing ProPilots in 360°

Our goal: Your safety in the cockpit, that the passion of flying does not know any limits.

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