ProPilots China Concept in Hangzhou realized

ProPilots China Concept in Hangzhou realized

The flight simulator development center Hangzhou was opened with great success. As part of the opening ceremonies, ProFlight will be presenting the ProPilots China Concept. In advance a special developed EC135 platform was delivered.

The company ProPilots provides the 3D animation films in the field of emergency training for aviation personnel. The company LaBrOs Engineering, headquartered in Berlin, has adapted the helicopter EC135 Simulator to the training contents so that the user can also train his emergency procedures autonomously.

The German-Chinese cooperation of experts in the field of helicopter simulation technology as well as visualized training of aviation personnel now begins the final implementation in China.

By March 2018 the today’s EC135-P2 platform will be upgraded to the EC135-Helionix system which will be needed for China. Also all learning contents will be available bilingually for the flight instructor and the trainers. In future pilots could prepare themselves for the emergency scenarios by the visualized training before they enter the simulator.

With the innovative 3D animations student or professional pilots can mentally train the causes, effects and the necessary countermeasures and subsequently deepen the knowledge within the simulator, in order to be able to retrieve later in reality intuitive action safety in emergency situations.

In China, the company PRO Flight is launching a new era of innovative training for the future with ProPilots’ products.


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