AERO 2017 – Premiums for ProPilots customers

AERO 2017 – Premiums for ProPilots customers

ProPilots was represented at the big aerospace exhibition AERO that took place from the 5th to the 8th of April in Friedrichshafen. “State of the art training” in combination with recurrent training and checking were main topic of conservation.

Amongst others ProPilots had the chance to introduce their revolutionary safety concept to one of the biggest insurance companies in the range of aviation. Ultimate goal should be the granting of insurance premiums for private pilots, flight schools, flight operations, and air carriers that participate in a recurring training and checking with ProPilots. For this purpose, talks will be pursued and intensified to make flying safer and cost-effective with the help of the insurer.

The presentation of the ProPilots app also led to great interest, because aspects of flight safety were explained unambiguously and impressively with the help of revolutionary 3D animations. Concrete talks with multiple companies were held that are responsible for the theoretical education of aviation personnel via online correspondence courses. Noticeable Interest in incorporating visual ProPilots training content into the prospective educational elements was shown. Goal: Move away from text avalanches towards visualized training.

Furthermore ProPilots presented the successful concept for flight schools to increase the attraction for customers. With ProPilots training already starts at home. The customer can access trainings content, assessment and safety information 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, worldwide. Therefore the customer itself determines learning atmosphere and rate of progress. As a consequence, the training at the flight school is efficient, effective and profitable for both sides.

Conclusion: The exhibition was a giant success! Not only for ProPilots, but also for customers and interested parties.

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