How digitization eliminates human error

How digitization eliminates human error

The company ProPilots was represented at the aerospace exhibition AERO from 17. to 21.April 2018 in Friedrichshafen. Many discussions have been conducted around the topic “human error” and “digitization” with the help of the security management system of the company ProPilots. In addition, the company ProPilots has presented the problem areas “human error” and their solutions to an interested audience on the exhibition platform in the helicopter forum.

In addition, the best flight instructor in the world has been presented, which is available via an app since January 2018 in the Google Play Store next to the Appstore. Many pilots were impressed by the revolutionary 3D animations that unmistakably and impressively represent every danger situation in helicopters or airplanes.

In addition, the collaboration with the company Air Colleg Consulting has been successfully outlined by the joint booth at the German Helicopter Club. The joint cooperation leads to many interesting discussions, especially with regard to the efficient and effective training of aviation personnel through innovative teaching methods.

Conclusion: The fair was a complete success! For prospective customers, customers and for the company ProPilots itself


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