HeliDay 2015 in Kelheim

HeliDay 2015 in Kelheim

Alexander Steffen, founder and Managing Director of ProPilots, lectured about dangers and emergency situations in the helicopter according to the motto “The accident investigators couldn’t believe their eyes” this year too at the HeliDay which took place in Kelheim on 13. and 14. June.

Interesting and frightening analyses of flying accidents again confirmed that confident action in the helicopter can only be increased through continuous training, independent of the number of flying hours of every individual pilot.

Come to the HeliDay in Gmunden from 11.-13. September 2015 and don’t miss the next lecture from Alexander Steffen.

You can find an organiser’s report as well as photographs from Kehlheim 2015 here:

Brief notes for the HeliDay 2015 from 13. + 14. June in Kelheim: 24 helis were registered, 20 in situ; 4 PICs had to cancel taking part at the last minute due to bad weather. Surprisingly many helicopters were flown in from north Germany, where such events are obviously unthinkable (thanks to BYLAS!).

Great atmosphere amongst the pilots, population and authorities. Mayor Christian Prasch announced a clear vote for the HeliDay in his town: again in 2016 – with even more support from Kelheim. Helicopter public relations as byproduct: According to Gerhard Schug alone on Sunday up to him being the last to fly off around 200 people helicopters explained to them in close up. Special thanks to both lecturers Dr. Bettina Schleidt and Alexander Steffen.

HeliDay 2015, Photos from Franz Mayer – Link:


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