Flight Instructors are shocked!

Flight Instructors are shocked!

How would you react, if ingenious, ordinary citizens with the status of a “pedestrian”, suddenly show actions in a flight simulator that you would only expect from commercial pilots? A coincident? Fortune? Luck? Advertising stunt, or maybe an efficient training tool on the market?

The best prove is the customer himself. In preparation of the flight adventure at YOURcockpit in cologne customers took advantage of the comprehensive online training software of ProPilots.

With the help of the 3D visualized video footage provided by ProPilots, customers developed intuitive actions in the cockpit. Even in emergency situations such as autorotation of a helicopter or engine failure in an aircraft, “pedestrians” surprisingly were able to perform.

Flight instructors and coaches were stunned and surprised at the same time, that the participants showed great skills and results in the flight simulator only with mental training via ProPilots as preparation.

Taking up on the question: No, it is not an advertising stunt or an individual case. Countless “pedestrians” just proved that wrong.

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