Every HEMS crew member should become a pilot

Every HEMS crew member should become a pilot

According to the IHST – International Helicopter Safety Team – all the aircraft accidents that occurred at the air rescue services could have been prevented. 85.8 % of HEMS-accidents are due to human error, and 76 % are caused by the pilot directly. Which solution appears plausible when you see these stats? Use HEMS crew member as an additional resource. Every HEMS crew member should become a pilot.

It does not mean that everyone should be trained to become a helicopter pilot. In reality the following idea is behind this: How would it be if with the help of ProPilots the entire HEMS crew becomes the same safety and emergency procedures training as their pilots. Only that way the HEMS crew is able especially in critical emergency situations to assist and support the pilot as a “second pilot”. The training software of ProPilots provides all emergency procedures in brand new 3D technology. Cause analysis, negative effects and measures and actions of the pilot are shown in an understandable and memorable way. Therefore the HEMS crew member learns just like a pilot what is important in emergency situations, respectively. In north America the ProPilots HEMS concept can already be used by different rescue operators and is widely accepted.

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