Could this accident have been prevented?

Could this accident have been prevented?

Could this accident have been prevented? Unfortunately it has just happened again in Neuhausen ob Eck in the Tuttlingen region: A helicopter has crashed, two people were killed, the material damage was 290.000 Euro. Such events prove how important training is as preparation for unforeseen events. Of course, no-one knows if the terrible extent of the accident could have been prevented. But the chance to be able to avoid the worst in emergency situations increases with routine exposure to technical or visual problems.

That does not solely have something to do with the pilot’s flight experience, as the flying instructor in this accident was held as being very experienced. On the contrary, it is to do with the experience of emergency situations. Only then can the right hand movements in a cockpit with very complex equipment be intuitively, quickly and correctly carried out. You can only achieve this routine by practising, practising, practising. Training flights to practise emergency situations are difficult though. First, they seldom take place, second certain situations cannot be simulated. That is why ProPilots has developed its Software.

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