Cooperation agreement with Air Colleg Consulting

Cooperation agreement with Air Colleg Consulting

Air Colleg Consulting (Air Colleg) has already signed a cooperation agreement with ProPilots GmbH (ProPilots) at the end of last year 2017. The aim of the cooperation is to jointly develop training concepts that are based already on the existing training platform of ProPilots. This will allow flight operators to increase the effective and efficiency training for crew members, such as Pilots, Operators and HCM.

ProPilots’ software for recurring training and checking in flight operations already provides an innovative and didactically thought-out and advanced training tool that enables flight operators to flexibly and yet systematically train pilots in the areas of emergency procedures, flight operations, type rating and CRM. Also for pilots outside of air operations and for flight schools appropriate tools are offered to increase with a targeted training flight safety and to keep it at a high level. Air Colleg will work with ProPilots to further develop the training modules and bring their core competencies in flight training, take-off and landing procedures, as well as CRM, to offer flight operators tailor-made training and training modules for complete aircraft crews.

In addition, Air Colleg will support the distribution of existing and future jointly developed software modules. The two contracting parties have set as the first common goal the development of training modules in the field of emergency procedures and take-off and landing procedures based on a virtual reality platform. 3D cockpit models are animated and functionally offered to allow the most realistic possible training completely independent of the whereabouts of the participant. Already in the first quarter of 2018, the first modules will be presented as a prototype functional.

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