Anyone entering a virtual world can experience and understand better

Anyone entering a virtual world can experience and understand better

Since its inception, ProPilots has been pioneering new innovative ways to make the world of pilots safer. As an app, there are already the best flight instructors in the world in the Apple Store and Google Play to make learning in 3D worlds limitless.   Now the new step – dive into the virtual world with us.

Imagine how you sit in your cockpit. All sounds, displays, switches and surroundings are familiar to you. And yet you are confronted with a decided difference that ultimately determines your actions. A danger to life in the cockpit, from which you have only read, heard or never heard anything. An emergency situation that is now present in your virtual world, real, threatening, and also scary. Now you learn your story in an emotional and cognitive dimension – vivid, active and highly motivating.

Imagine how you experience this virtual dimension together with other pilots. At the same time, distributed in different rooms and in different places worldwide. The rehearsed scenarios and live streams start and stop synchronously, regardless of how many pilots participate. Step by step, the situations are analyzed, facts shown, important details explained, effects demonstrated, system overviews displayed, video sequences recorded and experiences and questions uploaded by experts into the virtual world.   The company ProPilots and Air Colleg Consulting are planning to present a demo version of the air show in Friedrichshafen and Berlin. Together, we want to experience the virtual world, to show innovative ways of learning to be successful in the cockpit.   The future has already started for ProPilots. Training should be “brain-friendly” and emotional, so that human error in the cockpit belongs to the past.

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