A call out can change everything!

A call out can change everything!

ProPilots and Air Colleg Consulting strive to standardize the training and further education of HEMS Crew Members (HCM) in the area of emergency procedures, hazards, system knowledge, take-off and land procedures and crew resource management.

With an initial and recurrent training of specific content from the above-mentioned areas of the flight operation, the HCM will be able to support the pilot in critical situations in a appropriate manner in order to make a relevant contribution to increase flight safety. With the integration of innovative, multimedial training elements such as 3D animations, videos, images, and specific text information into the intelligent safety management system, the HCM can systematically prepare for critical situations in helicopter flight operation and continuously maintain and deepen the learned contents. Numerous accident reports shows that already a question, an annotation or only a simple hint of the HCM would have avoid an accident or reduce the course of an incident. The findings of a large-scale investigation by the IHST (International Helicopter Safety Team) and FAA of different accident events have shown that almost all accidents would be avoidable.

These and other findings from numerous accident investigations form the basis of the standardized basic and recurrent training concept of ProPilots and Air Colleg Consulting and are intended for a specific combination of the training content for the specific training of HCMs.

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