FIGHT BACK WITH PROPILOTS We offer you a training tool which can optimally prepare you for your check flight! With the help of 3D animated training films you can dive into all possible dangerous situations: graphically and tangibly and deepen your knowledge. See...

STATE OF THE ART TRAINING Learning from the virtual reality so that the incident is no surprise.

PROPILOTS HEMS CONCEPT A HEMS crew member can learn to overview a critical flying situation in a helicopter just the same as a pilot.

DYNAMIC ROLLOVER Flight experience alone is not enough.

STATE OF THE ART TRAINING The worst time for the pilot Vital handling of situations has to come from memory so that you don’t become a victim of statistics. Do you still know all the problem areas?

VARIETY OF EMERGENCIES You first have to compare what has happened to understand the reality.

SIMULATORTRAINING Thoughts are the most powerful force! ProPilots proves the functionality of mental training in a simulator.

INTELLIGENT SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Only evaluation of individuals creates transparency, knowledge, awareness and documents the company’s success.

THE ROOF IS UNDER FIRE Fire when flying presents one of the most critical situations for pilots. Now every second counts so that you don’t let a danger doesn’t.

SAFETY ISSUES VISUALIZED Which causes can lead to the phenomenon shown? A simple question – for priceless learning success.

USE IT OR LOSE IT "People are human because they forget". You don’t give forgetfulness a chance with ProPilots!