A great deal of Approval at the Aero 2015

A great deal of Approval at the Aero 2015

The ProPilots appearance at the Aero 2015 in Friedrichshafen was successful. 645 exhibitors from 38 countries met 33,900 trade visitors from 60 countries at Lake Constance. ProPilots gave comprehensive information on their stand and Managing Director Alexander Steffen held a lecture with the title “The Accident Investigators didn’t believe their Eyes“ in which he reported about flying accidents “geared to the media“ and illustrated the lack of competent action from pilots in critical situations.

The visualised training for all emergency situations with the help of the ProPilots Software offers more safety for people and machines. Many participants in the lecture and the feedback with agreement from responsibles in the areas of flying safety and flying operations as well as professors and lawyers who were involved in explaining the flying accidents shown have validated us in our work.

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